Ryan's Story

Ryan was preparing for his high school's Asian American Club Show and wanted to accompany his friend on a popular K-Pop song, Eyes, Nose, Lips by Taeyang. Ryan's skills grew dramatically from the motivation to reach this goal. He played quickly and fluidly as he interpreted music that was more difficult than what had been presented in his method series thus far.

When we reached the end of the song, we found that it moves up a half step to a key that Ryan hadn't previously learned! The key signature had five flats when the previous key had no flats or sharps. I quickly pulled out my notebook and drew a keyboard. Using small fish stickers, I color-coded the keys and put the matching fish above each chord on his music; he quickly mastered the ending in time to audition for this festival.

Ryan and his friend performed this song beautifully to the ecstatic cheers of their peers. I was so proud of him! At the following spring recital, his mom thanked me for inspiring him to love the piano.



Reach your goals and earn rewards! Students love choosing from my extensive sticker and prize collections in addition to receiving the intrinsic rewards of learning new skills.

Virtual Lessons

My hybrid in-person and virtual studio prevents absenses! Students enjoy virtual lessons because of the unique games and two keyboards.


This tuition-based program is divided into 12 equal monthly payments and is not affected by absenses or cancellations.

A Teacher Who Cares

You matter to me. Expect encouragement, patience, laughter, and a ton of fun!

Jenny Melton

Piano Teacher

Jenny has taught piano for 11 years and has played piano for 25 years. She is passionate about training independent, collaborative musicians who are lifelong learners. Her main goal is to inspire her students to challenge limiting beliefs and achieve their goals.