Miss Jenny

Jenny Melton

Piano Teacher

Jenny Melton is a teacher and pianist. She helps people create and enjoy music at her independent piano studio in Chicago, Illinois.

Her Bachelor of Arts degree in Bible and Music is from Moody Bible Institute (Chicago, Illinois), where she studied piano with Dr. Unyoung Whang. She studied piano pedagogy under Dr. Beth Klingenstein at Valley City State University online.

Jenny has taught piano for 10 years and has played piano for 24 years. She participates in her community by leading worship for her church.

Jenny is a wife and mom of two daughters. She has lived in the Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago for 8 years. She enjoys writing music and reading.

Teaching Philosphy

I care about who my students are as individuals. Music is a means of expression for every human being. I believe music is first and foremost a way to enjoy life. For me, piano and voice were immediately attractive for expressing myself. I have dedicated many years to mastering musicianship and I am passionate about sharing music with all people.

I teach piano lessons for children and adults. I have experience teaching choir and general music classes as well. One-on-one lessons have been the most fulfilling for me as I am not only able to impart the instrumental skill of piano, but also serve as a mentor for life skills to individuals.

As a student, my most inspirational teachers were nurturing and kind. While I was corrected on technique and expression, these corrections were not personal. They had positive future visions for me that expanded beyond piano performance.

The purpose of music education is to cultivate independent, collaborative musicians who are forever learners. I want to teach piano because I love music and I love teaching. Students learn best through regular practice at home, playing games, and through written activities.

I always have a lesson plan “written in pencil”; adapting to each student’s interests and wishes. I always have a plan for my lesson content, but if a student is interested in a musical subject, such as scales and chords, I will begin teaching that concept even if the curriculum covers it later.